FOMO: The Fear of Missing Out

The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is the fear that you are missing out on something more exciting than what you’re currently doing right now. And while it can be a debilitating phobia, I don’t think it’s entirely a bad thing. In fact, I want a tinge of FOMO in my life. I want to… Read more


Safe at Home

I recently came across an old picture of me in my North Sycamore baseball uniform and it reminded me of the years I spent playing baseball. I wasn’t bad, but also not that good. It’s hard to do well in baseball when you’re scared of the ball whenever you go to bat. As I think… Read more


5 Myths of Humor at Work

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When you take a look at all of the benefits of humor, it’s hard to understand why there isn’t more humor at work.  This is getting better (I don’t think they were having a whole lot of fun in the coal mines, but I could be wrong), but there is still far too little fun… Read more


Using Improv Methods to Overcome the Fear Factor

Fear is not something that should be feared.  At least that’s the idea presented in the article Using Improv Methods to Overcome the Fear Factor by Tom Yorton, president of Second City Communications (available for purchase at Wiley InterScience). The article discusses how and why improv can be effectively used in the workplace to overcome… Read more