40 Virtual Activities from Applied Improv

virtual activities applied improv

I was talking with a fellow improviser recently and he was lamenting the phrase “social distancing.” He said, “we’re physically distancing, but many people are working harder than ever to be socially (virtually) connected.” I have to agree. We continue to do virtual humor events to provide a way to connect with others, practice the… Read more

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Team Building Activities that are Not Awful

We recently came across this funny and worrisome article on team building activities that went horribly wrong. So, it got our Humor Engineer minds thinking… can we engineer a team building event that is not awful? What are the steps to make team-building enjoyable? Team building activities are a big industry in America – companies… Read more


Let Them Sing the Chorus

I’ve been studying musical improv recently and one of the best tips I’ve learned so far is the power of the chorus–the part of the song that is deadly simple and repeated over and over (and over and over) again.  Why is the repetition of the chorus so powerful? Because the people listening can learn… Read more