Productivity Questions to Improve Personal Effectiveness

improving personal productivity

Want to be more productive?  Answer these productivity questions and learn what makes you productive. To get started, here are some questions Peter F. Drucker hints at in The Effective Executive (page 96), plus a few that have helped me: Do you work better in the morning or at night? Do you need to make… Read more

lessons from effective executive

Peter F. Drucker’s The Effective Executive is one of the best-known, oft-cited books on management ever written.  Since it’s publication in 1967, it has transformed regular managers into effective executives by answering the question, “What makes an effective executive?” The book is filled with insights and perspective and is still just as applicable today, 40… Read more


Why Stress Isn’t a Bad Thing

stressed isnt bad

I recently posted an article called Creating a Sense of Urgency that talked about how to be more productive by creating a sense of urgency for yourself to get things done. In the comments, someone asked why I was encouraging more stress, and what I meant by saying “stress isn’t always a bad thing.”  This… Read more

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Email Policies That Make Everyone’s Life Easier

In a follow-up to 6 Steps to More Effective Emails, I’ve started implementing my own policies for how I handle email.  Below are the policies I’ve shared with people who I communicate with often. If everyone at my company were to follow these policies, built from ideas learned from Getting Things Done, The 4-Hour Workweek… Read more


Humor in the Workplace: A Communication Challenge

“Humor is an intrinsic part of living and working” is the conclusion of an older article I was recently given. The article, titled Humor in the Workplace: A Communication Challenge by Robert A. Vartabedian and Laurel Klinger Vartabedian, professors of speech communication, explores the value of humor at work. Some interesting notes from the paper… Read more