Nicknames: A Simple Team-Building Idea

A simple thing you can do to foster a sense of team-building at work is to name the section of your office something indicative of the people that make up that group of cubicles. Not only do you have the opportunity to be creative, but you give you and your peers a common identity by… Read more

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Use Bulletin Boards to Build a Community

One of the great things about office humor is that it doesn’t need to be anything super involved–something as simple as a work bulletin board can do wonders for building a sense of humor in the office. When I was a Resident Advisor in college, we were required to post a new topic to bulletin… Read more


How to Take Advantage of Microblogging

Over the past couple of weeks, a tool/service called Yammer has been picking up traction where I work.  Yammer is basically a corporate version of Twitter–it allows for “walled” microblogging or, to put it more simply, the ability to post short notes that only people with your company’s email address can see. (Side Note: If… Read more


How to Improve Your Boss’ Sense of Humor

Want to incorporate more office humor but don’t think your boss has a sense of humor? Wouldn’t it be great if you could develop his sense of humor and as a result make the workplace more fun?  Well you can, to some extent.  But before we talk about how you can improve someone else’s humor… Read more


5 Tips for Better One-on-One Meetings

one on one meetings

Regardless of your feelings towards networking, it is a crucial part of being successful in any business–corporate, comedy, or otherwise.  And the key to great networks is individual relationships, often built through “One-on-Ones” or “join-ups.” Building a Network One of the smartest things I ever did when I was an intern at a Fortune 50… Read more