What is Strategic Disengagement?

Strategic Disengagement is corporate terminology for taking a break, relaxing, and recharging your batteries. It helps prevent burnout, improves concentration, and increases productivity. Most people strategically disengage at some level already (those two weeks of vacation, or two days over the weekend), but the workday doesn’t have to be over to start strategically disengaging. You… Read more

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15 Things You Didn’t Know Had Names

There are just certain things that you never would think would have a name, but in fact they do. Here are 15 Things You Didn’t Know Had Names: aglet – the tip of a shoelace made of plastic. armscyes – the armholes on a shirt. ferrule – the protective point or knob at the end… Read more


What is Humor?

what is humor

You hear the word humor a lot. People talk about office humor, sense of humor, a guy named Hugh Moore–but what does it really mean? Before reading on, see if you can think of the definition. Got a guess? No seriously, think of something, I’ll wait. … Ok, so the word humor, as defined by… Read more