Funny on Social Media, An Interview with Tess Tregellas

On this episode of Humor Talks, we chat with Tess Tregellas. Tess is the social media manager for Humor That Works, as well as an actor, improviser, and stand-up comedian. We talk with Tess about what type of humor works well on social media, how she comes up with ideas, and her style of humor… Read more


Skill of Humor Part 1: Share Your Point of View

stand up ny

One of our more popular programs recently has been How to Be Funny(er): An Actionable Guide to Creating Humor. It’s hands-on workshop that’s centered around the three principles skills of humor: Share your point of view. Explore and heighten. Practice, perform, repeat. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to do a deeper dive on each… Read more


The Value of a Humor Notebook

humor notebook

I recently received a very nice Facebook message from a woman in India who had seen my TEDx talk on the skill of humor. In it, she asked a common question people have about building their skill of humor: how do I get started? To answer that question, first let me start with a question… Read more


Joan Rivers on Comedy

In a fireside chat at IWNY13, the legendary Joan Rivers talked about comedy and technology. Here are some of my favorite insights: 5 Quotes from Joan Rivers On the state of comedy: “Right now is such a great moment for comedians. You have an idea? You can do it right now.” On getting discovered: “If… Read more


5 Funny Engineering Jokes

A Quora user asked for some good engineering jokes. See the full thread here, but below are my favorites: The Glass Some people say the glass is half full. Some people say the glass is half empty. Engineers say the glass is twice as big as necessary. The Human Body Three engineering students were gathered… Read more

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