5 Myths of Humor at Work

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When you take a look at all of the benefits of humor, it’s hard to understand why there isn’t more humor at work.  This is getting better (I don’t think they were having a whole lot of fun in the coal mines, but I could be wrong), but there is still far too little fun… Read more

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Every year, over 100 million Americans make a New Year’s Resolution; only 18% of those people will actually keep it.  If less than 1/5th of the people that make a resolution actually keep them, why even bother coming up with a new goal to start working on the first of year?  We’ll get to that… Read more

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Acting Out: Improv Exercises Cultivate Team Building

Improv exercises can cultivate team building, customer service skills, brainstorming, and more according to an article I recently read from HRMagazine.  The article, which shared business cases from various corporations, covered some of the basic ways improv can benefit the workplace.  Some highlights include: “Many theater professionals have realized that the very rules improv is… Read more