Why Leaders Need Improv

In a world that is constantly (and rapidly) shifting, leaders have to be adept at not only reacting to, but leading through change. And what better way to learn how to manage change than from the masters of adapting to the moment: improvisers. What can leaders learn from improv, in addition to yes and? Take… Read more


Insights and Takeaways from AIN Conference 2012

This year’s Applied Improvisation Network annual conference took place in San Francisco, and as usual, I walked away with a ton of insights, great connections and new exercises to use in my programs. Below are some the highlights from the weekend. To find out more about the organization, check out the Applied Improvisation site. To… Read more


You’ve Got Mail Excitement

I’m imagining a remake of the romantic comedy in the near future.  … Read more


The Sentence that Changed Everything

The following story is a break from the normal posts on the site, but one I thought I’d share.  I wrote it to be included with HR Ringleader’s Game Changing Moments and thought it might be of interest to some people who are curious about how a computer engineer found and started using humor. ———————————————————–… Read more


Let Them Sing the Chorus

I’ve been studying musical improv recently and one of the best tips I’ve learned so far is the power of the chorus–the part of the song that is deadly simple and repeated over and over (and over and over) again.  Why is the repetition of the chorus so powerful? Because the people listening can learn… Read more