Humor Across Cultures

beco do batman

I landed here in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Wednesday morning for a week of relaxation and a little bit of work. When I landed, I had in my inbox an email from a fellow humor speaker from Norway, Piotr Pluta. He was sharing with me his recent TEDx talk, An Intercultural Guide to Humor. It’s a… Read more


How to Use Humor: The Humor MAP

humor map

Over the last few years, I’ve delivered humor keynotes to companies around the world. The organizations have varied in size (small business to Fortune 50), industry (consumer goods to technology), and location (Philippines to Philadelphia). One of the most common questions I receive is: “How do you know what humor to use?” While there are no… Read more


5 Ways to Energize an Audience

A tired audience is an impatient and distracted audience. To help ensure your presentation is actually heard, it’s important to energize the audience. Here are 5 ways to energize the audience before your next presentation: 1. Warm up the crowd by conducting a symphony. Conducting an audience symphony is one of the easiest ways to… Read more