The Four Styles of Humor

four styles of humor

One of the most common questions I get about using humor is, “How do I make sure it’s appropriate?” Previously, we’ve talked about the importance of understanding your Humor MAP. That’s definitely still true. But another thing that can help is to understand the four styles of humor (as defined by Rod A Martin). These styles… Read more


Balancing Humor at Work

One of people’s biggest fears with using humor in the workplace is being seen as inappropriate. Guest author Sarah Clare shares some tips on how to balance humor at work and help ensure that the humor is appropriate. —————————————- Humor is a great way to deal with the overwhelming stress we face at work. When… Read more


Humor That Works on HRM Today

Humor That Works has partnered with HRM Today to discuss how to deal with inappropriate humor. HRM Today is one of the leading free resources for HR Professionals and is designed to elevate the profession of human resources to a more strategic and business-centric level of sophistication. The article, How to Deal with Inappropriate Humor… Read more

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