7 Great Quotations from AIN 2015

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I went to my first Applied Improv Network conference back in 2009. I can honestly say it was one of the most important conferences of my speaking career. The AIN is a collection of applied improv practitioners, and attending that conference introduced me to my tribe, people from around the world who had discovered what I… Read more


Humor at Work: An AIN Practitioner!

I’ve been accepted as a “qualified Applied Improvisation Network practitioner!” The Applied Improvisation Network is a community of practitioners and clients who value the use of improvisation skills to improve organizations. It’s composed of hundreds of practicing improvisers from around the world, using improv in business, healthcare, education and more. As a qualified AIN practitioner… Read more


Insights and Takeaways from AIN Conference 2012

This year’s Applied Improvisation Network annual conference took place in San Francisco, and as usual, I walked away with a ton of insights, great connections and new exercises to use in my programs. Below are some the highlights from the weekend. To find out more about the organization, check out the Applied Improvisation site. To… Read more


Humor at Work: AIN Conference 2012

San Francisco, CA — I attended my first AIN (Applied Improvisation Network) World Conference back in 2009. This year, I was able to make it the conference again and, as usual, learned a lot and met a ton of awesome people. In addition to leading two sessions, a breakout called The 5 Steps to Improvised… Read more


Humor at Work: Dancing for Leadership

New York, NY – Last night in the fluorescent glow of a rented room in a NYC high rise, members of the NYC regional chapter of the Applied Improv Network met to share exercises and games. We covered a whole gamut of activities, from traditional warmups like “Whoosh” to more elaborate exercises like “Images of… Read more