The World Outside Album Covers

world outside album covers

Over the last three weeks, three different people have sent me the link to the same Instagram account: Igor Lipchanskiy. He is the creator of a series of pictures best described as “The World Outside of Album Covers.”

As you can see from the header image, he takes well-known album covers and imagines what might be just outside of the original framing of the cover. Spoiler: he always seems to be there, barely cropped out in the original image.

The results can funnyawkward, or surprisingly adorable. Also, be forewarned that some of the images are mildly-NSFW on his Instagram page.

So what can we learn from the fantastic skill of Igor? Here are three takeaways:

  1. If this is true, what else is true… Igor expertly demonstrates one of the best tools for creating humor and that is thinking, “If this is true…” in this case, these covers exist, “what else could be true…” as in what could be just outside of these covers? When we have this playful curiosity, we can start creating humor out of the things we see everyday, whether they be words, experiences, or album covers.
  2. If you have a good idea, keep using it. Igor could have simply done this once and been done with it. But it’s such a great idea, he turned it into a series. It can be challenging work to come up with a really good idea or premise, so once you have one, get the most out of it by doing variations of it or adding tags.
  3. Execution matters. Part of what makes many of these extended covers so great is how well they are executed. Yes, this still might be entertaining if he had drawn them out in MS Paint, but the attention to detail in making the images match makes it even better. Even when using humor we want to execute well.

What about you? What do you take away from the world outside of album covers? Have any favorites?

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