Effortlessly Funny in 7+3 Days Challenge


Humor is a skill you can master. I’ll show you how in 7 + 3 days.

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When it comes to humor, many people think that it’s a binary thing 0️⃣1️⃣. That you’re either born “funny” or you’re not. The reality is that there’s a funny bone in all of us – pretty sure it’s located right above the elbow 🦴

The question isn’t “are you funny?” it’s “what kind of funny are you?”
As you’ll soon discover, there are different kinds of funny and different times when those different kinds are appropriate.

For the past 12 years I’ve been successfully teaching people how to use humor in their personal and professional life. I’ve done this by writing books, through one on one sessions, speaking on stages and through private corporate workshops. And now I’m here teaching you directly.

This experience and the proprietary tools I’ve built over the past decade, make me uniquely qualified to to teach you how to become effortlessly funny in 7 + 3 days.

You’ll learn how to:
😊 find more humor in everyday life,
🫂 bring a smile to the faces of the ones you care about,
✍️ write a joke,
🤭 deliver humor so it actually lands,
📈 leverage humor to solve problems,
✨ create a space for others to shine,
🛑 call out inappropriate humor,
⏩ and much much more…

You’re in the right place.

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