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While researching an upcoming post on how to make fun surveys, I decided to create my own Humor That Works survey.  The goal of the survey is to capture some of your ideas and preferences to find out how I can provide more relevant content to you.  It also serves as a sample survey for how to incorporate humor into a survey, so hopefully enjoy it.

And if you’re not sold on taking the survey, here are 9 reasons why you should:

  1. You’ll get to answer some interesting questions.
  2. You’ll help me better understand my audience so I can provide more of the content you want.
  3. You’ll get an extra workout by clicking a couple of times.
  4. You’ll have done your good deed for the day.
  5. You’ll get to see the survey results.
  6. You’ll go from being passive to being active.
  7. You’ll make me happier.
  8. You’ll be happier because you made someone else happier.
  9. You’ll be able to ignore survey-takers on the street because you’ve already completed one survey today.

See, 9 great reasons to click the following link and answer some questions:

Take the Survey

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