Humor Showcased in the Life Lab


I was featured in this great post from Intu on the value of a sense of humour. Yes, there’s an additional ‘u’ in there for my American readers because this group is based in the UK.

A few quick highlights from the article.

On Leadership Traits

Another study from the Bell Leadership Institute found that the two most desirable traits in leaders were a strong work ethic and, you guessed it…a good sense of humour.

On Likability and Trust

Studies suggest that people who share a healthy, positive sense of humour tend to be more likeable and are viewed as being more trustworthy.

On Productivity (Note: Self Referential Quote)

‘If you work in an environment that’s more fun, you tend to have more passion for what you do. Your work ethic increases and your enthusiasm becomes contagious.’

For more, check out the full article, The Life Lab: How a sense of humour can get you ahead.

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