Humor at Work: Wall Street Journal Article


wall-street-journalThe Wall Street Journal recently published an article on office humor, and I was quoted alongside Scott Adams, Michael Kerr, and a few others.

You can read the full write-up: Secrets of Effective Office Humor (NOTE: public access may expire soon). Here are my contributions:

It is also important to read the nuances of co-workers’ moods and attitudes and pick the right context for jokes, says Andrew Tarvin, a New York City humor coach.


The best office humor brings people together, often through shared pranks or inside jokes, Mr. Tarvin says.

Corporate Humor Award winner Beth Slazak was also included:

Beth Slazak’s part-time job in a physician’s office requires taking calls about medical records from people who are often tense and rushed. To lighten things up, Ms. Slazak, of Cowlesville, N.Y., answers the phone with fictitious job titles. Her first one, “This is Beth, Office Ray of Sunshine,” made a co-worker sitting nearby spit out her coffee, Ms. Slazak says.

To learn how to use office humor effectively, take a look at some of my recent office humor posts.

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