Humor at Work: Team-Building for Upper Management


Cincinnati, OH – When tasked with coming up with a team-building activity for some higher-level executives at a Fortune 50 company, I knew that a simple “human knot” wasn’t going to cut it. These were 25 of the best and brightest at the company, most with more years of experience than I’ve been alive.

The only natural thing to do was leverage the talents of the group by putting on an Improvised Talent Show. With a few instructions, a box of props and 60 minutes to prepare, five groups of five created sketches, songs and routines to perform in a talent show.

I can easily say that I have never been more surprised by the ingenuity and cleverness of a group than with this group of managers. Their acts were funny, well-performed and (some) a little risque.

Overall the group had a great time, learned quite a bit about each other and had me cracking up. I never knew a variation on Fortune Cookies could be so funny.

If you’d like to host your own show, check out the instructions for the Improvised Talent Show. If you want Humor That Works to help with your team-building event, hire me.

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