Humor at Work: MC and Humor Awards at Rewards & Recognition Ceremony


Boston, MA – I had the honor of being the co-MC of an awards ceremony at work for 300 people. In addition, I spearheaded the whole event and made sure to include some Humor Awards to keep things interesting.

The MC part of the gig was a lot of fun. My co-MC was a long-time member of the team so we were able to play with a lot of old versus new jokes.

The Humor Awards were a smashing success. We had 4 set categories (Best Story, Best Email, Best Meeting, Best Video) and a custom humor award where employees could submit humorous awards to managers in the organizations. Managers went home winning such great awards as “Most Likely to Answer a Question with a Story” and the “Back in My Old Organization”¦”

UPDATE: I got feedback on the awards ceremony and the audience loved it:

  • “Thanks for making our awards ceremony fun and engaging.”
  • “Great job MCing last night’s event! Thanks for making the presentations so enjoyably and funny.”
  • “Very inspiring and energizing.”

To have me come host one of your ceremonies, shoot me an email at

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