Humor at Work: Interview with FastCompany


fast company logoNew York, NY – I sat down (virtually) with David Zax of FastCompany last week to talk humor in the workplace, why no place is too serious for humor, and of course a little punnery. You can check out the write-up here: Being Funny Can Get You a Raise.

Some key points from me (which I realize is a little ridiculous since I did the interview, but still):

  • Humor doesn’t just mean comedy. Something as simple as a smile can be humor.
  • Using humor can make you more money.
  • No work environment is too serious that it should be completely devoid of humor.
  • IPO puns are hard to come up with off the top of your head.

To learn more about how humor can make you more awesome, check out our humor in the workplace training.

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