Humor at Work: Improv Thinking for Cognitive Science Group


photo by Obscenity

Cincinnati, OH – I’ve done hundreds of improv shows before but never have I been questioned about the process as much as this past week when I did a show for the Cognitive Science group at one Fortune 100 Company.

With help from The Smarty Pants Theater Co, I performed an improv show and conducted a workshop that was analyzed by the Cog Sci group. Before, during and after the session, they asked a series of questions designed to understand the improviser’s mind and see if it could help create more effective creative thinkers.

While I can’t share the specifics of the findings, I can say the group was surprised and impressed with what they learned about the improvisation process. We’ll be doing more studies in the future, but this first one was as promising as it was fun.

If you’re interested in learning more about using humor and improv for creative ideation, check out our training options.

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