Humor at Work: Improv for an Acquired Business


New York, NY – Being acquired by a large company can be stressful for all employees, but especially for those coming from the smaller company. There are fears of drastic changes, discontentment from new processes and restrictions, and a feeling that the old culture is going to completely disappear.

When some of these issues popped up after a recent acquisition at one Fortune 50 Company, I worked with the HR group to lead a 4-week class on improvisation. While we discussed the business applications of improv, the class was offered as a free, fun, during work-hours activity employees could participate in if they wanted.

The class was a win-win situation for everyone involved. The employees got fun, useful training in improvisation (something that can help with communication skills, interpersonal skills and creative thinking) and an outlet for the day-to-day stress of the acquisition. The organization got the opportunity to demonstrate they weren’t the stuck-up, fun-sucking company some people may have thought they were. I got to see some hilarious improv scenes.

To find out your organization can do something similar, check out the business training page.

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