Humor at Work: Icebreakers in Europe


Geneva, Switzerland – While traveling in Europe on business, I had the chance to lead a series of icebreakers at the start of an all day training event.

The 3-day training brought together people from 7 different countries in 3 different timezones. The combination of remote and in-person attendees, a number of people for whom English was their second language and me still adjusting to a 6-hour timezone change led to one of the more amusing icebreaker sessions I’ve ever lead.

There was a lot laughter, some confusion, and plenty of ice broken. In that one session, we learned more about each other than most people learn in their entire working relationships. Big thanks to my new European friends and “don’t forget your belt.”

To see how icebreakers can help kick-off your event, check out our work relationshipposts.

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