Humor at Work: CSz Managers’ Meeting


Rock Island, IL – I spent the past weekend in Quad Cities, IL/IA for the 2012 Manager’s meeting for ComedySportz. It was 4 days of great discussion, introspective conversations and of course a ton of laughs.

One of the most impactful topics we discussed was the value of improv and comedy on our audiences. It seemed like every manager had stories to share of audience members, corporate workshop attendees and students in our classes all telling us how much we’ve helped them in their lives.

From the audience members who just needed a positive laugh after a tragedy in their life, to the corporate workshop attendee who was able to excel at work because of techniques learned in our workshop, to the students who gained confidence and self esteem through our classes, all of the stories were inspiring and heart-warming, and reminded me why I’m so proud to be part of the ComedySportz family.

To lean more about ConedySportz, check out the national website. To inquire about shows or workshops, find out if ComedySportz is in a city near you.

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