Humor at Work: Creativity Warm-ups for Marketers


New York, NY – It’s not always easy to come up with some actionable marketing strategies in a one-day brainstorming off-site. That’s why the digital marketing group of one of the biggest marketing companies in the world asked me to kick off their all-day session with some creativity warm-ups.

Drawing inspiration from improv and stand-up, I lead the group through 30-minutes of exercises designed to warm-up their creative minds and put them into a mindset for productive brainstorming.

I don’t know if they had their next billion dollar idea yet (they’re surprisingly secretive about future strategies for their big brands…) but they did have this to say about the warm-up:

“The exercises worked very well and set a great tone for the day.” – Tricia

To find out how you can take advantage of similar warm-ups, check out our humor programs.

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