Humor at Work: Coaching Team-Building Activities


Boston, MA – It’s always bittersweet when someone you’ve trained is able to execute something without your help. On the one hand, you’re a little sad you weren’t needed for them to be successful, but on the other (larger) hand, you’re ecstatic they were able to be awesome without you there.

That’s what happened this past week in Boston. While I was in Las Vegas teaching improv, one of my clients was off leading their own team-building activity without me. Through a few sessions of working closely together, I was able to teach the client a series of activities that would help her rock a 80-person team-building event at Fenway Park.

The series of activities, which included Telephone Pictionary, was well received by the group, with some notable bits of feedback:

  • “More fun than I would have expected!”
  • “I wish we had more time for this portion, and I usually dread forced networking like this!”
  • “The event team did an AWESOME job!!!!!”

Congratulations to Maria and her team! If you want help running your next off-site, contact me at

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