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Are you familiar with the curse of knowledge? It suggests that once you’ve learned something, it can be difficult to remember what it was like before you knew that thing.

For example, the Humor That Works website has been around since 2009. In those 8 years, I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a brand new visitor to the site. I assumed it was well structured and easy to follow…

And then I watched a friend of mine try to navigate the site. I quickly learned that the navigation isn’t quite as clear as I thought it was.

So over the Thanksgiving break, the team got together and made some subtle but important tweaks to the website. The biggest of which is in distinguishing between whether the visitor is there on behalf of his/herself (as an individual) or representing their company (as an organization).

See, some of you are on this list because you want to learn how to use humor to increase your personal productivity, manage stress, and have more fun at work. Others are here to find ways to improve employee engagement and create a more positive workplace culture. I assume you’re all here for the puns.

There are certainly similarities between the two groups, but what you’re looking for is very different.

Individuals want ideas they can use immediately and don’t require getting other people involved.
Organizations want programs they can share with their teams to create large-scale change and improve workplace culture.

To address these differences, we’ve created two new pages. One For Individuals and one For Organizations. Check them out and let us know what you think.

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