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Last week I attended the Applied Improvisation Network (AIN) Conference, a gathering of some of the forem0st thought leaders on the use of improvisation to improve organizations.

From the AIN Website, the AIN “is a community of practitioners and clients who value the use of improvisation skills in organizations to:

  • improve relationships
  • increase authenticity
  • promote spontaneity
  • foster trust
  • build communities of practice”

At the conference, I was able to take a number of great workshops and meet some amazing people.  I’ll share more as the weeks go on, but wanted to share links to some of the sites of people who are doing some very cool things:

  1. Buffoonery Workshops – “discover your inner truth” (based in Canada)
  2. Caitlin McClure – (based in New York)
  3. Chris Corrigan – (based in Canada)
  4. ComedySportz – “The interactive improv experience” (based in 22 cities in US, UK and Germany)
  5. GameChangers – “Improvisation for business in the networked world.” (based in California)
  6. The Group Mind – “Teambuilding that connects and transforms.” (based in Ohio)
  7. Have More Fun – (based in Ireland)
  8. improvImpact – (based in California)
  9. IMPROVing Organizations – “Helping to make organizations better, one conversation at a time.” (based in Illinois)
  10. ImprovWorks – “Specialists in applying improv to business, theater & life.” (based in California)
  11. Innovation Styles – “The success booster” (based in New York)
  12. Koppett + Company – “Weaving passion into performance.” (based in New York)
  13. Maxine Shapiro – “If you’re not improvising everyday, you should be or risk being left behind.” (based in California)
  14. On Your Feet – “relate, create, communicate, and lead, all while having a ridiculously good time.” (based in Portland, London, Dublin, Arenas de San Pedro, Minneapolis)
  15. Paul Jackson Associates – “We’ll bring out the best in you.” (based in United Kingdom)
  16. playfair – “The world’s leading experts on fun and play at work.” (based in California)
  17. Spark Interaction – “Igniting hybrid engagement, interactivity & community.” (based in Pacific Northwest)
  18. Stop Stressing Out – “Life’s more fun when you stop stressing out.” (based in New York)
  19. widgetwonder – “make a connection, tell a story, effect change” (based in California)

For more, be sure to check out the AIN website: spreading the transforming power of improvisation.

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