Gifts Coworkers Will Actually Like

photo by zurizim

photo by zurizim

The Holiday season is upon us here in the United States and that means holiday work events are on the calendar. Whether you’re involved in some sort of gift exchange like a “Secret Santa” or just want to show a coworker some appreciation, picking the right gift can be a pain.

To ease the process a bit, below are some gift ideas for coworkers that are cordial, appropriate and relatively inexpensive.

Free Gifts for Coworkers

As they say, “It’s the thought that counts.” If you want to show you’ve given some thought but don’t want to spend money, here are some gifts for you:

  1. An eCard or JibJab video.
  2. Anonymous praise.
  3. Time-off or (if it’s a gift for your employee) or the offer to do a bit of their work (as a present to a co-worker).

Cheap Gifts for Coworkers (under $5)

If none of the above ideas suit your needs, and are willing to part ways with a few dollars, you might consider:

  1. A pen bow and arrow or Sharpie rocket.
  2. A cupcake or brownie (or make them at home and give them to multiple people).
  3. A picture frame complete with a team photo.

Inexpensive Gifts for Coworkers (between $5 and $25)

For fellow employees you want to give something a little more to, or if you have a certain dollar amount you’re supposed to spend in a gift exchange, take a look at:

  1. A popular business book such as Good to Great or something a little more humorous like Managing Humans: Biting and Humorous Tales of a Software Engineering Manager.
  2. The Office (UK Version) on DVD.
  3. A motivational or de-motivational poster.

Deluxe Gifts for Coworkers (more than $25)

If you feel your coworker deserves something exceptional, or you work at a company where money isn’t much of a concern, these presents might do the trick:

  1. A super nice and fancy pen.
  2. A digital picture frame for photos of fellow employees or even the family.
  3. Tickets to a popular show or sporting event.

Great Employee Gifts Start with Personalization

When it comes down to it, the best gift is one that is personal to the receiver and appropriate given your relationship.  Also, the spirit of the holidays is less about the materialism, but about showing appreciation and consideration for your fellow employees; sometimes a “Happy Holidays” and a smile is all it takes.

Got your own great gift ideas? Share them in the comments.

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