Use Bulletin Boards to Build a Community


One of the great things about office humor is that it doesn’t need to be anything super involved–something as simple as a work bulletin board can do wonders for building a sense of humor in the office.

When I was a Resident Advisor in college, we were required to post a new topic to bulletin boards on our floor at least 3 times per quarter. At first it seemed silly, but over time I saw just how many students would stop to read what was posted–in fact I found myself excited to do rounds after people changed their bulletin boards just so I could see what was posted.

Creating a work bulletin board is easy to do, all you need is a bulletin board, some paper, a printer and a little creativity. Actually with all the great resources out there, you don’t even need that much creativity. Here’s how to do it:

1. Get a Bulletin Board

The first step is to actually get a bulletin board and find a spot to post it. At only $15, its a small investment for having some humor at work.

2. Think of an Idea

Once you have the board posted, think of something to share. It could be something work related, or even better, something that’s just interesting or informative. If you feel (or are told) that it has to be work-related, I’ve found that dedicating just one portion of the board to work topics gives you the flexibility to still include the interesting. People will come for the unique topics and stay for the work stuff.

If you want some inspiration (or flat out full boards), check out some of these links targeted toward RAs: ResLife Bulletin Board Ideas and Resident Assistant Bulletin Boards.

Some of my past favorite boards have included:

  • What to Know About Abraham Lincoln
  • Leadership Quotes
  • A Timeline History of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

3. Pass the Buck

One of the other great things about Bulletin Boards is that you don’t have to be the one to change it every quarter. It should be easy to find some people who are willing to share the responsibility–it’s an easy task to do, allows you to express your creativity, helps to create a community, and is a great way to go “above and beyond” your normal responsibilites. I don’t know about your office, but that’s how you get the top ratings where I work.

Final Thoughts

Bulletin boards are a quick, inexpensive, and easy way to have humor in the office, disseminate knowledge, and build a community. And the best part is that there are already a great number of resources out there to get you started.

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