Take Your X To Work Day


kid working officeMany people have heard of “Take your child to work day” (or something similar)–a day where parents bring their children to work so the kids can get a sense of what mom and dad do while they’re gone all day.

It’s a wonderful program, not just for the education of the kids (and the bonding they do with their parents), but it’s also a great community building program for the entire company. Not only do you get to hear the laughter of children in the office, you are also reminded that your coworkers are human and that they’re more than just a resource on a project or a boss on your team.

You may also be surprised to find that children aren’t the only ones that have a day in the office. Below are some of the other “Bring your X to work” days you can participate in:

  • First Monday of April – Take Your Disc to Work Day (for the Frisbee enthusiasts, link)
  • First Thursday of April – Take Your Parent to Work Day (link)
  • Fourth Thursday of April – Take Your Daughter and Sons to Work Day (link)
  • 25th of May – Take Your Towel to Work Day (in honor of Douglas Adams, link)
  • Third Friday of June – Take Your Dog to Work Day (link)
  • 11th of October – Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day (link)

Does your company celebrate your own “Take your X to Work Day” event? Let us know in the comments.

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    Drew! Your mom sent me your information, she is on my email newsletter. Always great to meet a fellow humor addict! I am getting your book off of Amazon. I love your stuff. Great website and some really funny stuff….

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