Nicknames: A Simple Team-Building Idea


A simple thing you can do to foster a sense of team-building at work is to name the section of your office something indicative of the people that make up that group of cubicles. Not only do you have the opportunity to be creative, but you give you and your peers a common identity by which you can all identify.

The names don’t have to be incredibly clever, just something apporopriate for either the type of work that the group does, or the people in the row. For example, in the past I’ve been a part of:

  • The Man Row
  • Model Alley
  • The Yiddish Clowns

So maybe they don’t all make sense, but they were all identifiable. To build on this even more, you can give each member of the group a nickname related to the overall team name. When I was part of Model Alley, my nickname was Child Model, someone else was Hand Model, and so on.  To take advantage of this team-building idea, simply:

  1. Figure out who will be in your group.
  2. Decide on an overall group name.
  3. Pick individual nicknames related to the group name.
  4. Share the name with other people.

It really is that easy, and pretty soon, you’ll be looking back on your days as a member of the Yiddish Clowns.

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  • jeff November 20, 2013, 8:34 am

    trying to come up with nickname using Rae, Sandy and Indy

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