Changing How You Work with Humor

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Last week we talked about the what of work, the five things you need to do any job: execute, think, communicate, relate, and lead.

This is important because to solve the challenges you have at work, to start enjoying your job more, and to live a life where you aren’t settling for 40 hours every week, it’s not about changing what you do, it’s about changing how you do it.

Let’s look at some examples from clients we’ve worked with:

I want to be less stressed so I’m more present for my family when I get home. 

You could change WHAT you do by getting a different job that has less stress in it (and maybe that’s needed). But, most likely, your family relies on your income that comes from the job you have.

Or you could change HOW you do your work by finding ways to make the stressful experiences more enjoyable. And you could be proactive about listening to comedy on the way home from work as a way to relieve stress so you’re present when you get home.

I want to get more work done / increase productivity.

You could change WHAT you do by working even harder, putting in longer hours, and taking on more projects. But there’s a limit to how much more you can add while still having work/life balance.

Or you could change HOW you do your work by creating processes, gamifying tasks, and finding ways to have fun while working so that you increase your efficiency and focus.

I want to be happier.

You could change WHAT you do by quitting your job, cashing in your 401k and buying a tiny house in a forest where you have no responsibilities but hunting your own food and avoiding Big Foot.

Or you could change HOW you approach your work, using humor to bring back joy in your life with a simple mantra of 1 smile per hour.

You have a choice in how you do your work every single day, why not choose humor?

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