Be Thankful It’s a Wonderful Life


In these tough economic times, some people find it hard to find things to be happy about.  But everywhere you look there are positive things you can look to when searching for a break from the somber news.

Taking a second to appreciate these positive things can help lift your spirits, and motivate yourself and others.  Reader’s Digest listed 10 reasons to be thankful for living in 2009  in their article It’s a Wonderful Life, (and also share 5 new ones every day at the Daily Upside).  Here are 5 from the article:

  1. Free time – The average American has 5 hours of free time per day, nearly an hour more than the average did in 1965.
  2. Peace – In previous generations, up to 25% of the male population died violently in war; that percentage is now down to 2%.
  3. The Reader’s Revolution – In 1970, barely 50% of the world’s population could read; that number is now 80%.
  4. More Wilderness – In recent decades, the United States has gained 70 million acres of wilderness as land once used for agriculture is returning to its natural state.
  5. Memories – In the past, most of history was lost as people passed on; today with technologies such as digital pictures, videos, and the Internet, history is tracked and recorded every day.

Source: It’s a Wonderful Life by John Tierney. Reader’s Digest, February 2009.

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