6 Self-Massage Techniques for the Workplace


self massage at workThe workday can be quite stressful. Throughout the day, we sit at our desk, in meetings, and on our commute, the whole while accumulating stress from the day’s events.

Massaging yourself can help. One study at the University of Miami showed that workers were more alert and were able to think faster (solving math problems) after a 15-minute self-massage. Research also shows that massage therapy improves blood circulation, relaxes muscles, and increases endorphin levels in the body.

Here are some simple self-massage techniques you can use to release stress at work, all from the comfort of your cubicle.

6 Self-Massage Techniques for the Workplace

1. Use Your Head

Using circular motions with your index and middle finger, massage either side of your spine. Move up to the back of the skull behind the ears (making sure to hit the spot behind the ear where the jaw and skull meet), and then to the temples and above the eyebrows. Use light but firm pressure.

2. Work the Shoulder

Stroke your left shoulder area with your right hand, going from the skull down to the elbow, using circular motions with your finger tips. Switch sides.

3. Arm Yourself

Rub down each arm from shoulder to wrist. With a light circular motion, rub the inside of your elbow where the arm bends. Finish with a few arm rotations and wrist rotations on each side, going in one direction and then the other.

4. Give Yourself a Hand

Massage between your thumb and pointer finger with the thumb of your opposite hand. Work the “meaty part” of the hand and then move to the palm. Finally, with your thumb and index finger, lightly massage each of your fingers.

5. Hammer Out Stress

Make a fist with each hand and lightly “punch” your legs, starting with the quads, then the hamstrings and then the calves. Stand up and shake out each leg.

6. Get Off Your Feet

Make a fist and, using your knuckles, massage the sole of your foot. Then, with your thumb, massage the arch and ball of your foot.


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  • Lubna Latif July 10, 2013, 10:23 am

    I love this article – it gives great tips to anyone who is wanting to learn some self massage and wants to ease of their tension.
    Massage makes us feel us, releasing endorphins and puts a smile on our faces.
    Try it today and see for yourself!
    Best wishes,

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