Unintentionally Profound Life Advice from Machines


You never know where inspiration is going to come from. It could be a book you read, a moment you witness, or a line you read in the instruction manual of a product.

Wait, what was that last one? Turns out there’s an entire blog dedicated to life advice from machines. Here are my seven favorite.

Unintentionally Profound Life Advice from Machines

1. Choose Yes

unintentionally profound choose yes

2. Peel and Remove

unintentionally profound peel and remove

3. Compose New Message

unintentionally profound compose new message

4. Input Value

unintentionally profound input value

5. Assume No Fault

unintentionally profound assume no fault

6. Seat Yourself

unintentionally profound seat yourself

7. Run Unattended

unintentionally profound run unattended

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