Top 10 Classic Mentos Commercials


The Humor That Works blog has a new post up about the the similarities of Mentos and Mentors, so I thought I’d post the Top 10 Classic Mentos Commercials.

10. Through the Car
Sure the guy could have just waited 10 seconds for the car to move, but it his way was much fresher.

9. The Broken Shoe
I’ve never worn heels before, but wouldn’t this be the obvious solution? Based on the guy’s reaction, it’s the most impressive thing he’s ever seen.

8. The Mall
This one gets a nod because I’ve attempted to do this before. Despite my pale skin, it still didn’t work.

7. Sailboat Keys
This one introduces so many questions – Why doesn’t he get to go on the boat? Why does she have his keys? What is that old guy doing?. It does answer one, though – What can help in any situation? Mentos.

6. The Suit
There’s no way that this actually worked, but he definitely gets an ‘E’ for Effort.

5. Roadie
One of the top comments says it all about this one: “MENTOS IS ABOVE THE LAW.”

4. The Ripped Dress
More believable than fixing a painted suit is fixing a ripped dress.

3. The Wedding
A little known fact but Wedding Crashers was originally inspired by this Mentos commercial.

2. The Waiter
This one actually seems feasible. I’ll try it out sometime and let you guys know how it works out.

1. The Car Movers
If a guy had this problem, the solution never would have worked (the movers would have just made fun of him for having such a tiny car). But since it was a woman, Mentos!

In addition to these commercials, there’s plenty of Mentos parodies as well. I prefer the originals, as they’re already good enough they don’t need a parody.

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