Sadly in some companies this is what leading and managing feels like:


It’s only a matter of time before this becomes reality:

book-progress(from Penny Arcade)


From Improv Everywhere–something as simple as a high-five makes a lot of people smile:


Project Management is like getting married because:

  • To get married, you have to initiate a marriage proposal, such as “Will you marry me?” (Project Initiation)
  • You do what you can to understand the value or return on investment in getting married–being single versus being with the same person for (theoretically) the rest of your life. (ROI Analysis)
  • To agree that you will go forward with the marriage, you get a wedding ring. (Project Charter)
  • Your wedding vows determine the scope of the marriage–“richer and for poorer, till death do us part.” (Scope Management)
  • You do what you can to mitigate the risks of divorce or adultery by doing things such as remembering your anniversary or buying flowers. (Risk Management)
  • There are start-up costs such as the wedding and ongoing costs such as everything after getting married. (Cost Management)
  • There are a number of people involved in the marriage, not just the people planning it–Moms, Dads, friends, families, future kids. (Project Manager, Project Sponsor, Project Board, Key Stakeholders)
  • Together you must decide your new budgeting plan such as having one joint account or separate accounts. (Procurement Strategy)
  • You informally tell your friends how the marriage is going. (Quality Review)
  • And no matter what you do, there’s still at least a 50% chance that the marriage will fail. (Or up to 62% of all IT Projects)
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Instant messaging at work is usually dull and boring.  But what if you started using emoticons?  Too many emoticons?

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