Dar Tch Support


Dar Tch Support,

I think thr is somthing wronng with my kyboard; spcifically the dlt ky and th lttr ” do not appar to b workign. I am unabl to dlt or chang anything I typ.

As you can imangin, this maks it hard to writ things such as rports and mails. In fact. the othr day I had to submit a rport that was full of rrors bcaus this stupid keybboard.  Do you now how many words hav th lttr ” in thm?!/ It maks m want to bash your bra—

Pls ignor th last sntnc, I lost my tmpr. Bbbut if you could snd m a nw kyboard, that wswould m grat.

Sincrly, Drw

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