27 Collective Nouns for People


A variety of collective nouns for people: professions, classes and types.

  1. A banner of knights.
  2. A bench of Bishops.
  3. A disworship of Scots.
  4. A draught of butlers.
  5. A drunkenship of cobblers.
  6. A field of runners.
  7. A hastiness of cooks.
  8. A neverthriving of jugglers.
  9. A nucleus of physicists.
  10. A pantheon of gods.
  11. A peloton of cyclists.
  12. A ponder of philosophers.
  13. A portfolio of stockbrokers.
  14. A poverty of pipers.
  15. A rascal of boys.
  16. A ruck of football players.
  17. A scathe of zombies.
  18. A scull of friars.
  19. A set of mathematicians.
  20. A shower of meteorologists.
  21. A shuffle of bureaucrats.
  22. A state of princes.
  23. A superfluity of nuns.
  24. A thought of barons.
  25. A threatening of courtiers.
  26. A tumult of tuba players.
  27. A wisdom of grandparents.

from wikipedia.

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