10 Misunderstood Phrases from Reddit


Someone started a great thread over on reddit about words that people mispronounce. In that discussion some funny misunderstood phrases broke out:

  1. For all intensive purposes…
    (“All intents and purposes”)
  2. She cut off her nose to spider-face.
    (“To spite her face”)
  3. It’s a doggy dog world.
    (“Dog eat dog world”)
  4. It’s a moo point.
    (“A moot point”)
  5. Don’t put her on a petal stool.
    (“On a pedestal”)
  6. You are a diamond dozen.
    (“Dime a dozen”)
  7. That really bottles the mind.
    (“Boggles the mind”)
  8. That’s just an old wise tale.
    (“Old wives’ tale”)
  9. I’m peachy king.
    (“Peachy keen”)
  10. You’re a spit and image of your father.
    (“Spitting image”)

(from Reddit)

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