10 Great Quotes on Humor


We recently celebrated the publishing of our first book, and to celebrate we wanted to share some of our favorite humor quotations. If you’re interested in more quotes on humor, check out the book, 50 Quotations on Humor.

10 Great Quotes on Humor

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1. “Humor is mankind’s Greatest Blessing.” – Mark Twain

humor quotation

2. “A sense of humor is a major defense against minor troubles.” – Mignon McLaughlin

humor quotation william james

3. “Humor is just common sense, dancing.” – William James

humor quotation langston hughes

4. “Like a warm summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you.” – Langston Hughes

humor quotation michael shurtleff

5. “Humor is not being funny. It is the coin of exchange between human beings that makes it possible to get through the day.” – Michael Shurtleff

humor quotation edward g bulwer-lytton

6. “Humor is the sunshine of the mind.” – Edward G Bulwer-Lytton

humor quotation thomas jefferson

7. “Good humor is one of the preservatives of our peace and tranquility.” – Thomas Jefferson

humor quotation henry ward beecher

8. “A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It’s jolted by every pebble in the road.” – Henry Ward Beecher

humor quotation ludwing wittenstein

9. “Humor is not a mood but a way of looking at the world.” – Ludwig Wittenstein

humor quotation francis bacon

10. “Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not; a sense of humor to console him for what he is.” – Francis Bacon

If you liked these quotations, be sure to check out our book, 50 Quotations on Humor.

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