10 Best Commencement Addresses from Comedians


10. Jon Stewart @ William & Mary [2004]

Good message on accepting that not everything will be perfect.

9. Tina Fey @ Fieldston High School [2008]

Some great rules from improvisation and how it applies to life. (Video quality is not great)

8. Will Ferrell @ Harvard [2003]

Scattered through the hilarity that is Will Ferrell are some great words of wisdom. (Video quality is not great.)

Part 2 and Part 3

7. Eugene Mirman @ Lexington High School [2009]

Mostly humor, but a great way to start a high school graduation. (Video quality not great.)

6. Bob Newhart @ The Catholic University of America [1997]

Some especially valuable notes about humor and laughter.Bob Newhart Commencement Speech

5. Stephen Colbert @ Knox [2006]

Some great humor points and the basic rule of improvisation.

4. Amy Poehler @ Harvard [2011]

Humility and humor, a great combination.

3. Ellen DeGeneres @ Tulane [2009]

Great humor and important points on facing adversity.

2. Bill Watterson @ Kenyon College [1990]

Just an overall great speech from one of my idols.Bill Watterson Commencement Speech

1. Conan O’Brien @ Dartmouth [2011]

Mostly humor but some incredibly poignant words of wisdom at the end.

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