Using Improv Methods to Overcome the Fear Factor


Fear is not something that should be feared.  At least that’s the idea presented in the article Using Improv Methods to Overcome the Fear Factor by Tom Yorton, president of Second City Communications (available for purchase at Wiley InterScience).

The article discusses how and why improv can be effectively used in the workplace to overcome fear, and the value of overcoming fear is. Some of my key take-aways included:

  • “You’ll be surprised at how well improv techniques transfer to the corporate stage to help organizations improve productivity, become more innovative, and dramatically increase employee job satisfaction.” (page 7)
  • “Our ability to succeed is directly related to our willingness to fail.” (page 8)
  • “…fear is worth exploring.  The tension and discomfort we feel is usually an indication that something big and important is at stake.” (page 10)
  • “Seemingly small contributions matter a great deal to the whole…” because “… the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” (page 11)
  • “The message underlying all the lessons of improvisation is to be courageous, to go out there and take risks–to use the natural fear of failure as the fuel for success.” (page 12)

Source: Using Improv Methods to Overcome the Fear Factor by Tom Yorton.  Wiley Periodicals, Inc. 2005.

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