Sparking Creativity in Teams: A Humorist’s Guide

The McKinsey Quarterly recently released their Top 10 Articles of 2011. You can read them here (note: free registration is required). One of the articles in particular caught my eye because it speaks directly to humor (though sadly doesn’t mention it directly). The article? #9 Sparking creativity in teams: An executive’s guide The article talks… Read more


Ricky Gervais on the Principles of Comedy

An interesting perspective on comedy from Ricky Gervais. I think one of his best points is that comedy is about empathy and that we tend to laugh with the people that we like (and also tend to like the people with whom we laugh).… Read more


Your Brain on Improv

An interesting TEDx talk on Your Brain on Improv. It doesn’t have a lot of conclusions but it does give an insight as to what’s happening when you improvise and how that may relate to creativity.… Read more


5 Reasons to Use Humor in an Interview

smiley in frowns

When preparing for an interview, it’s likely you have been given the advice to be serious when you meet with people at your prospective job; it’s important to know that advice is absolutely wrong (unless you’re interviewing to be a funeral director, banker (of doom), or to play Buster Keaton in a biopic). It’s true… Read more

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Carnival of HR: Humor at Work Edition

If you’re correctly applying humor at work, one of the groups you’ll be talking to is HR.   Not because they’ll be scolding you for taking a break at 3pm to run down a Slip N Slide in the company’s front lawn, but because they’ll be yearning to learn more about the amazing benefits of humor… Read more