Optimism Can Make You Rich


In a recent study of 5,000 individuals, those individuals classified as “wealthy” possessed common traits like optimism, resilience, grit, and curiosity.  Jean Chatzky, auther of The Difference and commissioner of the study, also shares a few more of the benefits of humor in a Reader’s Digest interview:

  • “…optimism is a wealth magnet.  Study after study shows that people with faith in themselves and in the future get more jobs and keep more jobs.”
  • “Word puzzles, number games, brain teasers–they all help stimulate the growth of nerve cells, which makes your mind sharper over time…and that’s essential for wealth.”
  • “Alice Isen, a professor of psychology at Cornell, found that subjects in a positive mood were much better at the sort of flexible thinking and problem solving associated with wealth.”

Source: Fortune Teller by David Hochman. Reader’s Digest, March 2009.

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