No Joke! The Workplace Needs a Good Laugh


A friend of mine sent me this article from MSNBC about the importance of Humor in the workplace during these tough economic times (thanks Chris).  Naturally I’m a huge proponent of what they talk about in the article.

Here are a few highlights from the article:

  • “Companies that have the highest propensity to succeed and outperform their competitors are those that encourage fun at work.”
  • “According to a Harvard Business Review study on ‘What Makes a Good Leader,’ one of the key hallmarks of a great manager is a ‘self-deprecating sense of humor.'”

If you are a believer in humor, but aren’t sure how to get started, here are a few ideas:

  • Start your presentations off with a joke, quote, story, or interesting picture or video.
  • Play some improv games as a way to warm-up the mind for brainstorming, or as a team-builder or mid-afternoon break.
  • Challenge each other to some riddles or a game of Scrabble.
  • Create a “Favorite Comic Strip” board and have people post their favorite strips for others to read.

There are any number of ways to share a laugh today.  Be creative, engage others, and most of all have fun.

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