Acting Out: Improv Exercises Cultivate Team Building


Improv exercises can cultivate team building, customer service skills, brainstorming, and more according to an article I recently read from HRMagazine.  The article, which shared business cases from various corporations, covered some of the basic ways improv can benefit the workplace.  Some highlights include:

  • “Many theater professionals have realized that the very rules improv is founded on…are critical skills in business too.”
  • “In today’s fast-paced business climate, success follows organizations that can cope with change and adapt quickly with new ideas and solutions.  This business world of improvising helps companies compete.”
  • “Improv-training classes can now meet the needs of businesses large and small, in any number of ways from building communication skills to facilitating teamwork to inspiring employees or brainstorming product launches.”

I’ve long been a believer in the value of improv at work.  If you’re interested in giving some exercises a try, check out the improv exercise video series.

Source: Acting Out: Improv Exercises Cultivate Team Building by Jean Thilmany. HRMagazine, January 2007.

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