Learned Me Good Award for Best Training Program


The finalists for the 2013 Learned Me Good Award for Best Training Program are:

Organization: Miami Children’s Hospital (site)

Submitted by Stacy

MCH surgeons, physicians, and doctors have access to a “help me” button that gives them just-in-time access to video, audio, and checklist solutions via tablets and smartphones for any one of the top 100 processes identified. As a result, training for specific tasks have decreased by 90%.

Organization: EMC Corporation (site)

Submitted by Anon

EMC recently create eduTube which allows subject matter experts to create short internal videos on a variety of subjects. Experts have posted more than 1,000 training videos so far, garnering more than 2 million views. In addition, employees are allowed 1 dedicated week every quarter for training activities.

Organization: Con-way Freight (site)

Submitted by Get Truckin’

Con-way Freight’s driver training program is unique in that it not only doesn’t cost the attendees money, they in fact get paid for it. People who are interested in getting their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) work part-time as dockworkers while attending class and getting the proper training to get their CDL. The training covers important safety regulations and supervised hours behind the wheel. To date, Conway has graduated more than 500 drivers with a 90% retention rate.

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