Gather Around and Listen Award for Best Story


The finalists for the 2013 Gather Around and Listen Award for Best Story are:

Individual: Sarah Peickert
Organization: PhotoBiz (site)
Submitted by Ellemazing

Sarah is NOTORIOUS in the PhotoBiz office for telling outrageous stories about the different places she has lived and the crazy things and adventures that she has gone through (that are MOSTLY true) when the situation does NOT call for it.  She is affectionately referred to as “The One Upper” in the office.

Example story: One day an employee walks into her office and says “I’m sorry I was late today, I got caught behind an accident on the highway.” Sarah replies, “When I lived in Guam, I was pregnant with my daughter and had a severe brain tumor and was bleeding out of my eyeballs and a plane crashed right outside of my house.”

Individual: Daniel Stover
Organization: Integrated Leadership Systems (site)
Submitted by Swimmer

In a TEDx talk on being vulnerable, Daniel shares an incredibly powerful story about his experience learning to swim as an adult and the surprise that waited for him shortly thereafter. The story shows the value of being vulnerable at home and at work.

Individual: Adam Wade
Organization: Adam Wade (site)
Submitted by Student

Adam shares the tale of his relationship with the man who works at a deli in Hoboken. The story shows the value of relationships and how actually getting to know the people who you interact with can go a long away.

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