You Better Recognize Award for Best Recognition Program


The finalists for the 2013 You Better Recognize Award for Best Recognition Program are:

Organization: Procter & Gamble (site)

Submitted by WeNeedMoreCowbell

One virtual team stays connected through monthly meetings that includes the Cowbell Award. The award is fashioned after the Saturday Night Live Blue Oyster Cult skit with Christopher Walken and Will Ferrell, and features an award certificate and a real cowbell. There is no set criteria for this award – it can be business (helped a co-worker, figured out a problem and solved it) or personal (ate the most donuts at an impromptu donut eating contest at the office or ran a 5K).  Everyone who is nominated wins.

Organization: Hewlett-Packard (site)

Submitted by HarryPotter

Hewlett-Packard has a, perhaps now famous, Golden Banana Award that is awarded to employees who show inventive solutions. The award started when an employee burst into his manager’s office to say he had found a solution to a problem they had been facing and the manager, wanting to give him something for his accomplishment, handed him the first thing he found on his desk—a banana from his lunch.

Organization: FedEx (site)

Submitted by Anon

In addition to traditional corporate awards, FedEx also gives out the FedEx Humanitarian Award. This award goes to team members who reach out to others in times of need, exhibiting behavior that goes above and beyond job responsibility and even beyond basic community responsibility. The Humanitarian Award originated at FedEx Express, where through the years, numerous employees have been cited for rushing to the aid of people facing life-threatening situations, personal tragedies and misfortune.

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